A Water-thin Colourless Moisture Barrier Coating. Colour Range: Colourless

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  • 5L

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Type and Appearance

  • A Water-thin Colourless Moisture Barrier Coating.


  • After evaporation of the solvent, the Silicone lines the walls of the pores in the substrate, while the pores remain open, allowing the air movement and maintaining the natural breathing characteristics of the substrate. It is best used on unpainted bricks, stone, concrete cinder blocks and fibre cement to render them water-repellent. However, due to the water repellent properties, the surface sheds off liquid water and eliminates absorption almost completely.

Elimination of water will have the following advantages

  • (a) Protection against spalling and cracking caused by corrosion of reinforced steel.
  • (b) Reduction of efflorescence.
  • (c) Reduction of fungus growth.
  • (d) Preservation of the natural appearance.

Surface Preparation and Application

  • Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared. All surfaces must be dry, free from loose and flaky material, grease and fungus prior to applying Titanium Silicone Water Repellent.

Apply 3 coats Titanium Silicone Water Repellent at 40 minutes intervals. Full water repellence develops after 24 hours.

Application Method: Brush, roller or low pressure spray.

Spreading Rate: 20m² per coat on very smooth surfaces.

Cleaning of Utensils: Mineral Turpentine

Packaging Sizes: 5 L

Colour Range: Colourless

Download Data Sheet

Silicone Water Repellant Data Sheet.pdf

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