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We offer a wide range of paints and varnish products, including our own unique selection of products. We will gladly provide technical and practical advice to ensure you get the right paint for your application. All our products are manufactured under the watchful eye of our qualified paint chemist, who also performs quality tests on the original paint ‘ingredients’ and the mixing process. By using the best quality raw material available, by strictly adhering to our proven formulae and by thoroughly checking every stage in the manufacturing process, we guarantee Titanium Paints’ superior quality in every container. Titanium Paints is a BEE Level 4 Contributor

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Unique products

Our unique range of products has been created following significant technical research and refinement over the years. Each product has specific features that have achieved excellent test results for features such as durability, non-fade properties and stability. Titanium Ti-Sheen Titanium Ti-Proof Titanium Ultivar Titanium Vinyl Pool Paint After rigorous testing, Thales Services has deemed some of our paints to be suitable for use in wine cellars. These are our: 1. Masonry Primer (white) 2. Satin Finish Acrylic (white) 3. Cellar Dual (white) For more information, please click to read the Thales Report

Additional services that we offer free of charge are:

Deliveries Comprehensive specifications Substrate analysis Best advice and information Site inspections Outstanding after-sales service For all these reasons, it is little surprise that most of our customers have a long-term relationship with Titanium Paints.

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