A Mineral Turpentine Soluble Alkyd Resin Based Exterior Varnish. Colour Range: Antique, Birch, Ebony and Mid-Clear.

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  • Titanium Ti-Var stains the timber and dries to a full gloss finish.

Properties and Uses

  • Titanium Ti-Var can be used both internally and externally on all soft wood surfaces. Due to the inclusion of transparent iron oxide pigments, Ti-Var not only nourishes and protects the timber, but stains it to the desired colour.

Surface Preparation

Essential for good paint performance is a substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared.

Application Instructions

  • These instructions are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparation, mixing and application procedure and should be closely followed to obtain maximum service from the material.

1. New Uncoated Timber

  • (a) Apply one coat Ti-Var thinned 20% with Mineral Turpentine and allow 16 hours to dry.
  • (b) Sand lightly and apply 2 further coats of Ti-Var as supplied, sanding between coats and allowing a minimum drying time of 16 hours between coats.

2. Previously Varnished Timber

  • (a) Sand to an even finish.
  • (b) Spot-prime bare areas with Ti-Var thinned 20% with Mineral Turpentine.
  • (c) Apply 2 full coats of Ti-Var as supplied, allowing a minimum of 16 hours drying time and sanding lightly between coats.

Application Method: Brush.

Spreading Rate: ± 10m² per litre.

Drying Time: Surface dry 4 hours, hard dry 16 hours at 25ºC.

Cleaning of Utensils: Mineral Turpentine.

Packaging Sizes: 5 L and 1 L

Colour Range: Antique, Birch, Ebony and Mid-Clear.

Download Data Sheet

Ti-Var Data Sheet.pdf