A Clear Waterbased Adhesion Promoted Pure Acrylic. Colour Range: Transparent when properly dry.

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  • A Clear Waterbased Adhesion Promoted Pure Acrylic.


  • Dries to a smooth, glossy, transparent finish when properly dry, but has a milky white appearance when still in container.


  • This product has excellent flow and dries to a hard, transparent finish. Titanium Ti-Bond is ideal for applying onto prepared concrete floors to seal the surface and prevent dusting.

Surface Preparation

  • Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared. On existing painted surfaces it is recommended that a small section of paint must be removed to establish the condition of the original paint and the substrate. Where there is doubt, the paint must be removed to a sound base. All surfaces must be dry, free from loose and flaky material, grease and fungus prior to applying the new paint system.

Applications Instructions

  • These instructions are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparations, mixing and application procedures. These instructions should be closely followed to obtain maximum service from the material.

1. New or Old Unpainted Smooth Concrete Floors

  • (a) Remove all grease, oil, etc. with Titanium Ti-Clean.
  • (b) Apply Titanium Ti-Clean (preferably in the shade) to the substrate. Leave for ± 5 minutes and scrub with clean water. Rinse off properly and allow to dry. No penetration will take place onto a hard and smooth grano surface. Ideally the surface should be that of medium sandpaper. To obtain this, the sandblasting or acid etching method can be followed. For acid etching, mix equal parts of Titanium Brick Cleaner and water (add Brick Cleaner to water in a plastic container) and spread over the entire surface. When bubbles have ceased (± 5 minutes), flush the entire surface with an excess of clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly (at least 18 hours) before applying the new system.
  • (c) 1 st coat: Titanium Ti-Bond and leave to dry for 8 hours.
  • (d) 2 nd & 3rd coat: Titanium Ti-Bond. Leave to dry for 8 hours between coats and 24 hours after the 3rd coat. Under normal conditions this system renders easy cleaning of the floor surface.

Note: Brake fluid and very strong solvents could affect this system.

Application Method: Brush, roller or soft broom.

Spreading Rate: ± 20m² per coat on smooth surfaces.

Cleaning of Utensils: Water

Packaging Sizes: 5 L and 1 L

Colour Range: Transparent when properly dry.

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Ti-Bond Data Sheet.pdf