Adhesion promoted 100% Pure Acrylic water-based paint. Colour Range : White and a variety of standard colours or any other special tint.

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  • Highly washable with a durable low sheen finish.


  • This product has excellent flow and anti-spatter properties. It dries to a hard flexible film that exhibits outstanding resistance to ultra violet and alkali. Ti-Sheen can be applied on suitably prepared cement plaster, fibre cement, cement tile, metal and wood surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared. On existing painted surfaces it is recommended that a small section of paint be removed to establish the condition of the original paint and the substrate. Where there is doubt, the paint must be removed to a sound base. All surfaces must be dry, free from loose and flaky material, grease and fungus prior to applying the new paint system.

Application Instructions 

These instructions are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparation, mixing and application procedure and should be closely followed to obtain maximum service from the material.

1. New Unpainted Wall Surfaces

e.g. Interior and exterior one coat cement plaster and interior two coat plaster (Crete stone) surfaces.

  • (a) 1st coat: Titanium White Ti-Nyl Masonary Paint.
  • (b) 2nd and 3rd coat: Titanium Ti-Sheen

2. New Unpainted Galvanised or Mild Steel Surfaces

  • (a) De-grease with Titanium Ti-Clean. Rinse off with plenty of water and allow to dry properly. (
  • b) 1st coat: Titanium Water-based Metal Primer.
  • (c) 2nd and 3rd coat: Titanium Ti-Sheen

3. Previously Painted Areas

e.g. Fibre cement, cement tiles and one coat plaster.

  • (a) Remove dust, fungus growth plus loose and flaky material by means of a high pressure water jet. Allow to dry.
  • (b)1st application: Titanium Anti-fungus Wash. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • (c) Fill imperfections with Titanium Ti-Fill.
  • (d)1st coat: Spot-prime the Ti-Fill with Titanium Ti-Nyl Masonary Paint.
  • (e)2nd and 3rd coat: Titanium Ti-Sheen

Application Method : Brush, roller or airless spray.

Spreading Rate: ± 10m² per litre per coat on smooth surfaces.

Cleaning of Utensils: Wash immediately after use with warm soapy water. Hardened splashes can be removed with Meths.

Packaging Sizes: 20 L, 5 L and 1 L

Colour Range : White and a variety of standard colours or any other special tint.

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