A Waterbased Acrylic Co-Polymer Paste for filling cracks and repairing mortars. Colour Range: Off-White.

Size: *
  • 900g
  • 5L

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  • A Waterbased Acrylic Co-Polymer Paste for filling cracks and repairing mortars.


  • Ti-Fill is supplied as a viscous, off-white paste.


  • When dry, Ti-Fill gives a hard film, which exhibits outstanding flexibility together with excellent water and alkali resistance. It is suitable for application to cement, plaster, fibre cement, cement tiles and even wood.

Surface Preparation

  • Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared. All surfaces must be dry, free from loose and flaky material, grease and fungus prior to applying the new paint system. Inspect exterior cracks for fungus growth. If present, treat with Titanium Anti-Fungus Wash. Leave on the surface for 24 hours. Wide cracks should be opened in the form of a “V”.

Application Instructions

These instructions are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparation, mixing and application procedure and should be closely followed to obtain maximum service from the material.

  • Apply Titanium Ti-Fill by means of a spackle tool or a flat scraper and allow to dry in depth. In the case of large cracks, two applications might be needed as small cracks might appear due to a slight shrinkage of the dried paste. The dried product can be sanded smooth by hand or by means of an orbital sander. Cracks deeper or wider than 10mm should first be filled with Ti-Flex Patching Mortar.

Ti-Fill can be over-coated with any of Titanium’s Quality Paint Products, but it is preferable to first spot-prime with Ti-Nyl Masonry Paint.

Application Method: Spackle tool or flat scraper.

Cleaning of Utensils: Wash immediately after use with warm soapy water.

Packaging Sizes: 5 L and 900 grams

Colour Range: Off-White.

Download Data Sheet

Ti-Fill Data Sheet.pdf

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