A flexible Pure Acrylic Filler / Sealant. Colour Range: White.

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  • 310 ml

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  • A flexible Pure Acrylic Filler / Sealant.

Appearance and Properties

  • Hydromastic is suitable for caulking, grouting and joining materials like concrete, wood, fibre cement, plaster board and for fixing loose cornice, etc. Over-paintable and ultra violet resistant.

Surface Preparation

  • Essential for good paint performance is a sound substrate that has been properly cleaned and prepared. All surfaces must be dry, free from loose and flaky material, grease and fungus prior to applying the Hydromastic.

Application Instructions

  • These instructions are issued as an aid in determining correct surface preparation, mixing and application procedure and should be closely followed to obtain maximum service from the material. Ensure that joint surface is dry and free from contaminants. Remove the nozzle and cut off end of the cartridge. Replace the nozzle and cut the tip to the required width. Apply by means of a caulking gun. The beaded surface can be smoothened by a wet cloth, putty knife or finger. Allow at least two hours to dry before over-painting, if required.


  • Do not store under 5 ºC. Hydromastic is not suitable for permanent immersion in water, i.e. swimming pools, Aquaria, etc. Do not apply externally in damp conditions or if rain is immanent. For storage of a partly used cartridge, ensure that the nozzle is screwed tight and tape en of nozzle with suitable tape. When re-using, do not attempt to remove blockage by means of a caulking gun, but rather unscrew the nozzle and clean by means of water and a piece of wire.

Application Method: Caulking gun.

Cleaning of Utensils: Water.

Packaging Sizes: 310 ml

Colour Range: White

Download Data Sheet

Hydromastic Data Sheet.pdf

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