With more than 40 years’ combined experience in the paint industry, the founding directors launched Titanium Paints in 1983. The company has proudly been satisfying the decorating, protecting and waterproofing needs of home owners, landlords and paint contractors since then. Find out more about our history.

At the helm of this family-owned company father and son team Stephan G. Hauptfleisch & Stéan Hauptfleisch continues to successfully blend modern technology with traditional values. Years of research and experience, and the determination to set an ever higher industry benchmark in product excellence, has firmly established Titanium Paints as a leading paint manufacturer and supplier in the Western Cape.

As sustainability is important to us, we seek to minimise our impact on the environment in the way we conduct business and in our products. Our paints and varnishes do not contain lead and our pool paint is also suitable for koi ponds. Furthermore, we are developing new products that support to an eco-friendly environment and adhere to new laws.

Why Choose Us?

Titanium Paints offers a wide range of quality products that represent exceptional value for money. We also provide excellent service. All customers receive advice relating to our products and how to apply them. This may include visiting a site to provide full specifications on the product/s and quantity required, checking moisture content in structures and giving preparation advice prior to painting. We also advise on how to resolve ‘problems’ such as mildew or damp.

Due to the long-lasting features of our paints, varnishes and other products, we are happy to offer a  Five-Year Guarantee where our products have been applied to properly prepared and painted surfaces. Please note that terms and conditions apply. To ensure you get the colour of your choice, we match paint samples by eye. We’ve found this method to be far more accurate than a colour match obtained via machine.

Community Involvement

Titanium Paints is committed to making a positive difference in local communities. By participating in Vredelust Church’s community initiatives, we have brightened many lives in Makaya, Khayelitsha. Volunteers from Titanium Paints and the church have painted some 100 homes to date in the residents’ choice of colours. We support projects in the Kuyasa Horizon Empowerment programme for the benefit of the Kayamandi community. The members of Titanium Paints also support the Sonstraal Neighbourhood Watch as part of the Community Policing Forum. We participate in patrols to ensure a safer community.